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Are you stuck in a largely analog world of solely in-person events, lagging in digital innovation and engagement?


Are you falling behind in influencing policy as it becomes harder to maintain situational awareness and bridge gaps?


Are you failing to help your members navigate or capitalize on transformative technologies like e-commerce and digital supply chains?

Your Solution

We transform traditional business networks into intelligent, digitally connected ecosystems, enabling you to empower members, drive growth, and stay competitive.

A comprehensive approach

Our Solutions

Membership, Events Management

Streamline membership signups, renewals, and event registrations

Enhance engagement with tailored communication and event promotion

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Marketplace, Affinity Management

Drive revenue with direct sales, commissions, and a network of markets.

Offer insurance and non-insurance benefits to members and their employees.

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Job Board with Hire by Referral

Connect top talent with businesses through a referral-focused job board.

Optimized for job fairs, simplify the hiring processes and improve job placement rates.

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Supply Chain Publishing Network

Facilitate collaboration between large and small players in the supply chain.

Improve transparency and efficiency with our Restfulchain™ technology.

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Informed Leadership, Advocacy

Collaborate with your members and amplify their voice through informed leadership.

Data-driven insights, clear communication influence policy effectively.

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Unlock the Power of Connection

Member Retention

We create an engaged network of members through advocacy, commerce, hiring, and benefits that delivers more value, spurs collaboration, and enriches relationships. This network engagement leads to higher member retention by continuously providing valuable connections and opportunities.

Member Growth

As relationships and collaboration build, Concourse becomes the network where business gets done. Organizations and their people naturally reach out to others within the network and outside it to invite others to join, fostering organic growth and expanding your organization's reach and impact.

Revenue Growth

By leveraging our network of networks for combined buying power, we negotiate the best pricing and revenue sharing with high value curated partners. Our platform automates placement and process, reducing strain on your staff and allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives while growing non-dues revenue.

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Join us in Transforming the future of business networks. Together, we can achieve more.

Concourse Partners is dedicated to empowering business networks through innovative digital solutions. With a focus on adaptability and speed, we help chambers of commerce and trade associations unlock their full potential to deliver greater value to their members.